St. Catharines GO Transit Station Secondary Plan approved by Regional Council

Niagara Region and the City of St. Catharines have worked closely to create a Secondary Plan that proactively envisions how future development and redevelopment will occur around the future GO Station site in St. Catharines.

On July 5, 2018, the St. Catharines GO Transit Station Secondary Plan was approved by Regional Council.

Provincial commitment to bring daily GO Train service to St. Catharines by 2023 is a significant investment that will provide transformational benefit to the community. The Province has selected the existing VIA Rail Station located on Great Western Street, west of the Burgoyne Bridge off of St. Paul Street West as the confirmed GO Station site.

The Secondary Plan provides a 20-year vision and planning framework to guide transit-supportive development and redevelopment around the GO Station. Highlights from the plan include policies that:

  • Protect existing stable residential neighbourhoods through strategic building height transitions and traffic calming practices
  • Provisions for a new primary GO Station access connecting to Ridley Road
  • Preserve heritage buildings and promote the use of similar architectural elements
  • Celebrate significant local features
  • Expand land use permissions to enable mixed use development.

The process used to create the Secondary Plan also identified capital infrastructure improvements needed to provide residents and commuters with safe and efficient access to the GO Station.

The vision and policies of the Secondary Plan have been shaped through an extensive public consultation process that included the founding of a local residents group known as the West St. Catharines Proactive Advisory Group (PAG).

This advisory group has played an instrumental role in reviewing and providing the project team with an in-depth community perspective in relation to draft Secondary Plan elements. The City and Region also established a close working relationship with Ridley College, and will continue to work closely with both the College and PAG on future capital improvement projects as identified within the plan.

The St. Catharines GO Station is one of three GO Stations where Niagara is actively working on future development and capital improvements - the other Stations being located in Grimsby and Niagara Falls. These Stations are part of Niagara’s larger efforts to improve transit in the region. The Plan will help to ensure that we as a region can ensure the successful implementation of daily GO Train service once it arrives with stops in Grimsby by 2021, and St. Catharines and Niagara Falls by 2023.


"Niagara Regional Council is committed to ensuring that future development of the areas surrounding the planned GO stations responds to the needs of local communities. The GO Secondary Plan has been shaped by Niagara’s communities to help us maximize the local economic benefits when daily GO train service arrives. I am excited to see a plan in place that supports councils strategic vision." ~ Alan Caslin, Niagara Regional Chair

"The Secondary Plan maps out a vision for future growth around the GO station as this area becomes a transportation hub, with new housing and new businesses connecting into our downtown and vibrant neighbourhoods. This is an important step and we will be ready for the trains to arrive." ~ Walter Sendzik, Mayor, St. Catharines